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Twilight Sucks

Welcome to the community of the un-dazzled

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Twilight Sucks...and not in a good way
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A community for people who've been traumatized by Twilight

Twilight: Where decent writing and creative thought goes to die.

So, you like Twilight?

There are a disconcerting amount of communities out there for people to proclaim love for Twilight, and we respect the space for Twilight lovers, so please respect our community and our opinions by posting somewhere else. Any posting done by those wishing to stir up trouble with be deleted with out notice. You have your right to love your crappy vampire teenage epic romance wangstfest, and we have the right to be utterly confused by it.



There be no netspeak here.

2. We dislike Twilight, so don't come in and be a white knight and defend it. Go on to ontd_twatlight for fun-poking of a more affectionate nature.

3. This is not a forum for debate between the lovers and haters of this series. If you're looking for a debate, you'd be better served hearding off to http://www.twilightsucks.com/. Or you could head on off to twilight_book or twilight_series and let your braincells die willingly.

4. No one is allowed to flame the members, this includes other members. We can critique each other’s opinions, but don’t attack anyone personally.

5. Topics about the actor’s performances are suitable; also topics comparing their performance in Twilight to their other work are acceptable, but do not discuss their personal lives.

6. LJ-cuts are your friend. Learn them. Love them. If you have more than one graphic, or more than five icons to post, please use a cut. Also, please put a LJ-cut on long posts.

7. Be mindful of those who haven’t seen the movie Eclipse and want to watch it unspoiled. If you have anything to say about Eclipse, please use a LJ-cut. The books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and the movies Twilight and New Moon have been out long enough to be considered fair game.

8. Don't double post. This is livejournal, you don't get anything from having a ton of posts. If you have more to add to your post and no one has since added another, just edit your current post.

9. TROLLING. We don't encourage it. You don't troll us, we won't troll you. Everybody wins!

10. Did I mention the using proper English?

Note to members! The maintainers of this community reserve the right, exclusively, to determine what content is appropriate for this forum. If there's a question if a post is appropriate you should contact one of the maintainers. For the most part, all topics will be excepted as long as they are within the guidelines of the rules. Topics that violate rules two, three, and/or four will be deleted with out notice. As will posts that attack religious, racial, national, political, ect groups.
For the question of what off topic posts are acceptable, use your common sense. If you want to talk about feminism, that's probably okay, if you want to lament the end of good vampire fiction or YA novels, go for it. If you want to whine about your parents, unless your Mom is forcing you to read Twilight, please do it somewhere else.

Frankly, we're a little aghast at what is passing for good writing nowadays, and the fact that these books are as popular as they are is telling about humanity and women especially in a really, really depressing way. So do humanity a favor; read, write and promote good books. Don't let the Stephenie Meyers of the world take over.

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