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"Twilight Ruined Comic-con"

twilight sucks

...self explaned...

So I've been attending the San Diego Comic-Con for 6 years now and for the past 2 years it's been kinda killed because of that "series", which I would call FAIL

Anywho, I was forced to go to the 'New Moon' panel becasue I had to take care of my little sister who's a total twitard...Not much fun at all, it was mostly full of lulz cus my friends and I (I still feel horrible for making them come to that) were just bashing the sh*t out of it. That was the only good part...

But when they presented the cast a crew of the new movie, the one that never suprises me was Kristian Stewart (or however the f*ck you spell her name) Here is how she bascially looked like:
(Sorry for the crappy photo, my sister took it)
K.S. seriously looked stoned or on somthing. She also looks like she got out of rehab and cut her own hair.. -______-

Not only did she look bad, but she acted high as so did R.P. both didnt know how to answer questions in complete senctences...*sigh* lowering standards....

So on Saturday, after the twilight related stuff has passed and gone, we get inline for the Masqurade. And what made the day more fun was the anit's infront of us in line XD

TRCC group
(If you can't tell, at least 99% of the signs they are holding say "Twilight Ruined Comic-con")

This whole riot started with the first sign (the very first picture) It was great seeing all the people passing by cheering them on and giving them high-fives. It was also funny seeing the twitards looking at them with XD Though what would have made it even more great is if a twihard started to argue and fight with the huge anit crowd...

In conclusion, I don't think Twilight 100% ruined comic-con (I still had loads of fun doing other things like seeing Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki, and other awesome people), I just think it would have been better if it wasent even mentioned at all during the con XD

PS-Who else was at the con and had FAIL related stories they would like to share...? :O

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