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nami pissed

hadlukan in twilight_sucks

sorry, i can't really help but blame twilight

Heard about The Great Philippine Book Blockade of 2009?

It's the Philippine government's attempts to impose taxes on imported books that apparently plays off international treatises such as the Florence Agreement.

The catalyst? Twilight books stick out too much in our bookstores and the customs people thought they could make money out of it. "These books sell that much? We can impose taxes to increase our revenue. Hey, why not the other imported books as well?"


I do agree with what someone said here about Twilight..

[start quote] First of, that's like blaming a victim of a hold-up on the victim by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. No, the guilty party are the robbers themselves.

Second, Twilight may have been a catalyst, but as I pointed out in yesterday's essay, this kind of corruption has been prevalent in customs for the past few decades. If it's not Twilight, it would have been the next big book fad.

Now here are qualities of the Twilight series which make it lucrative to tax:
  • It's a hardcover - it's both heavy and takes up more space than, say, a paperback (which was the case with many of Dan Brown's books).
  • It's not being carried by Scholastic - Scholastic was the distributor of Harry Potter books when it was popular (and it was a hardcover as well) but Scholastic also has a reputation of actually carrying books that without a doubt can be classified as educational by the Department of Education.
  • It's being ordered in large quantities - Stephen King for example might be a best-seller, but his books aren't as selling as much as Stephenie Meyer, at least in the Philippines these days. [end quote] :link:

BUT I can't really help but blame that damn book for calling too much attention to itself.

Uguu, my book wishlist. Even if they say that books here in the Philippines are cheap as it is, we Filipinos still have to work our asses off in order to buy one [well I do, I don't know about the others]. In our country where practicality is a matter of survival, buying a book and owning stacks of it is already considered a luxury.

I can't really explain that much but if you want to learn more about it, sites are as follows:

The Great Book Blockade of 2009 by Robin Hemley

Philippine Twilight Coven talks about it

An Essay About It

Robin Hemley Responds to the Essay Above

I really do wish that this is just a joke.


WTF!!? Books here are already expensive as it is without the blockade and now . . . all because of a book that isn't even that good.

God, the entire Philippine Goverment needs a fucking reformat and total reboot! The corruption is getting worse every single day.

This sucks.
its really sad knowing [or not knowing] where the money from the added tax goes.

And yeah, the wonders that book can bring.
Don't we have a say on this or something? :/
I think both National Bookstore and Fullybooked are planning to call for an appeal. But it's better if every Filipino book lover go on a rampage or something. XD
I'm Filipino and I'm with you on this one. [I'll talk in Tagalog for the original poster.] Talagang malaking asar na ang Twilight, at sana ito'y isang biro lang, noh? Pati nga 8 year old nagbabasa ng Twilight eh!
[reply in Tagalog] oo, asar talaga. Buti nalang wala pa kong nakikitang batang nagbabasa nito kundi...

I hope there's a signature campaign or something.