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sum422 in twilight_sucks

Bella and Edward (Twilight) compared to Lucy/Nyu and Kohta (Elfen Lied) Part 1

Well I remember saying in my last post that I would write a comparison between Kohta and Lucy from Elfen Lied compared to Bella and Edward. So here it is! 

For those of you haven’t heard of Elfen Lied and have no idea what it’s about, I’ll be brief. Elfen Lied centres around a teenage Diclonius called Lucy. ‘Diclonius are a mutated species similar to humans who’re recognizable by the two horns on their head, and have ‘vectors’ which are transparent telekinetically controlled arms that can manipulate and cut objects within their reach.’ Lucy, who after escaping from the facility which has contained her, is shot in the head causing her to form a split personality, where she is then found stranded and taken in by a human boy named Kohta and his cousin Yuka. Despite her current personality Nyu (named after the only word she can say) being gentle, innocent and having the mind of a little child, the psychotic, murderous personality of Lucy still exists, and the facility she has escaped from his determined to find and capture her.  

Now for the comparison.

Let’s start with Lucy/Nyu. I think she’s not only one of the best characters in the anime but also by far the most interesting. On one hand you have her original personality Lucy. She is a sadistic, cold killer lacking empathy and a hatred for humankind which has only worsened as she’s gotten older. And while her vectors can only reach up to 2 metres, in this range she’s still swift and lethal with zero mercy, something which her victims learn the hard way.

And then on the other hand you have her split personality Nyu. She not only represents the good side of Lucy that still remains, but also as a complete contrast... and also for fanservice.  Unlike the withdrawn, harsh Lucy who has narrowed eyes and hair normally covering one eye, Nyu is a happy, gentle extrovert whose eyes are big and wide. They’re both complete opposites but they do have one thing in common; they both love Kohta unconditionally. 

Nyu only reverts to Lucy when she’s scared or knocked out, just like Lucy reverts back to Nyu when she’s treated with kindness, wants to hide herself, or finds herself overwhelmed with guilt or sadness about Kohta, who she had an incident with 9/10 years previously which has haunted her since. Lucy subconsciously encourages Nyu’s presence because of this, and it can be interpreted that Nyu is a barrier between Lucy and Kohta.

 And yet despite Lucy’s personality she’s not completely evil but instead actually very tragic. She’s a lonely, broken girl who sees her life as a “hellish nightmare”. Her childhood at an orphanage was filled with bullying by a bunch of kids, and even the careers, who hated her horns and felt she was freak who belonged with the animals since she wasn’t a human. This all came to a standstill when the kids beat a puppy she had been caring for to death in front of her causing her vectors to surface with bloody results. She almost gained her faith in humanity when she became friends with a young Kohta, but snapped when she discovered he’d lied, as well as more rejection from humans. It was this incident which finally broke Lucy. Believing she was alone and had nothing she finally gave in to her Diclonius instinct, intending to make a home for herself and her own kind in the world by wiping out the humans. Literally every chance she ever had at being happy or having a normal life was taken away from her.

If you haven’t seen the anime and believe Lucy’s decent into the killer she is doesn’t sound convincing than I recommend watching the anime. By the end you’ll definitely find yourself understanding her want to wreak a murderous vengeance upon humanity and sympathize with the way she’s turned out.

And now onto Kohta. There’s not that much to say about Kohta compared to Lucy/Nyu. Kohta in the anime is just your average nice guy. Ordinary is really the only word I can describe him with, if not a little bit clueless. However he does have a bit of a temper on him when angry. When they first take in Nyu and she breaks a present his sister gave to him he loses it and starts yelling at her and telling her to leave. And when another Diclonius called Nana who Lucy injured previously attacks Nyu, Kohta steps in and slaps her across the face. Despite this he is shown to be forgiving and generally just a good person. He later on takes Nana in and looks after her, while with Lucy he cares and worries for constantly to the point where his cousin Yuka gets jealous.

There are two very important things about him though that serves the plot. One is Kohta’s defining trait is his soft spot towards troubled girls who he feels the need to protect, partly because they remind him of his deceased sister. And lastly, Kohta has no memory of his past with his cousin Yuka, or with Lucy due to a traumatic event with the latter which he repressed. He keeps having flashes of this repressed memory throughout the anime but it’s not until the end that it finally returns to him. In case you’re wondering what this traumatic event was, Lucy wanting to confront Kohta about the lie went onto the train he and his father and sister were on. Kohta’s sister realizing Lucy was the very girl she had seen killing people that same day tried to protect her brother. All this escalated into Lucy killing the sister and father in a jealous rage and ending with Kohta screaming and crying at Lucy to stop, who could only watch horrified at her friend’s state.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. How can these two even like each other let alone love? How could he forgive her for killing his father and sister? If this was Twilight than I bet there would be no chance of forgiveness. In the world of Twilight if someone close to you is killed, then killing the murderer in revenge is the only way to sort it... or in case it’s your mate, then you kill the murderer then kill yourself. Well Kohta doesn’t forgive Lucy, however by this point he already knows and loves her Nyu personality, while he can’t help but remember the good times he had with the 10 yr old Lucy in the past. Kohta and Lucy’s relationship may be just as messed up as Bella and Edward’s, but the difference in my opinion is the former is far more touching and sadder then the latter’s could ever try to be. 

I could go into what’s wrong with Bella and Edward’s relationship, but you’ve all read it before and this post is already turning out pretty long. We all know it though. Edward is rude, condescending, abusive and controlling, while Bella is weak, whiny, selfish and a Mary Sue. Despite been extremely annoying characters they both get everything in the end and a lovely fairy tale ending, despite every hardship that happened to them was their own doing. Kohta and Lucy’s misfortune on the other hand is a mixture of good intentions and misunderstandings. He lied because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her his cousin (who is clinging and whiny and in love with him) is a girl. If he had known that this lie would have pushed her over the edge and made her into what she became, then he would never have said it.

My entire post was too long. So I'm going to post the second part soon, I just need to make som final edits to it. Thanks for reading this and I hope you read the second part :)


Oh god oh god Elfen Lied. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ The final episode and Mayu's story overall made me cry like a baby.

And the romance is just so good and profound. Guhhh comparing it to Twilight-poo, it makes Twilight sound even worst.
Okay, I have to know: what in the world prompted you to even compare these two stories in the first place? TBH, crazy cross-over stuff like this just breaks my brain - because while it is very thoughtful and well-written, I can't see the point of comparing Twilight to anything but equally-weak or thematically similar stories. An awesome bloody anime full of trauma and char development (that has nothing to do with vampires) and Smeyer's tweeny fail are more than apples and oranges; it's like apples and carburetors. What ever made you align the two in your mind?
I guess the best answer I can give is I recently watched the anime Elfen Lied and loved it. Twilight seems to be everywhere now and it gets kind of wearing to always hear about Edward and Bella, especially when there's comments saying they're an 'iconic love story for a generation.'

So I wanted to use Elfen Lied as an example of a love where despite everything going wrong still prevails in the end, in contrast to Twilight where barely anything truly bad happens. If i'm making any sense here...

I would compared the series to another piece of literature that was just as weak or similar, but I can't really think of anything right now. Anyway I hope even if you didn't agree with the comparison you still enjoyed it :)


hi, i thought the article was interesting for the most part, but i dont see why you dislike twilight so much. i kinda like it myself. although i do agree with you that elfen lied is better.