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Till Laugh

hmsbackstroker in twilight_sucks

First she invades my music...

I should just hole myself up in solitary confinement or something. This woman is EVERYWHERE. I just bought the third book in the Immortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, City of Glass. And what's on the front of it? A QUOTE FROM SMEYER. A stupid one at that.

She says:
"The Mortal Instruments series is a story I would love to live in. Beautiful!"


And it gets worse.

The New York Post, February 7, 2009

"Like “Twilight,” vampires and werewolves populate The Mortal Instruments’s fantasy world, but the trilogy - which wraps up with the March 24 release of “City of Glass” - is chiefly concerned with more heavenly matters: the nephilim, humans with angel blood in their veins. The series follows 15-year-old Brooklyn girl Clary Fray’s whirlwind introduction to the world of Shadowhunters, nephilim warriors who protect oblivious humans from dangers presented by vamps, werewolves and other kinds of baddies. If you thought that human Bella and vampire Edward’s relationship was fraught with issues, imagine how much more traumatic it is for Clary to find out that the guy she’s in love with might just be..."

Has anyone else ever read this series? It's FABULOUS and kicks the crap out of Twilight. It makes me SO upset to see it being compared to Twilight.


Well, you don't like Placebo either, so pbbbbth.
I like Placebo and agree that City of Bones (the first half I actually got through) was aweful. In my mind even worse than Twilight.

Okay, Claire had witty dialogs, too. Even some situation comedy. She would have scored higher than Meyer, if there was a way to §$%&!! know who was just trying to be funny and witty. Every time I was thinking "hey, thats a good one" I was at a complete loss who said that, because it was never given in the text.

And while Bella is basically portraied as a pretty insignificant human being who almost accidentally gets everyones attention, that City of Bones Girl is repeatedly told by everyone and their mother that she is insignificiant and they have no reason to help her, just so everyone else can do a 180 about two and a half pages further- without any appearend reason - just so it seems more dramatic and moves a pointless "we're going from a to b to c to...." storyline forward...
No offense, just my oppinion...

Every time I was thinking "hey, thats a good one" I was at a complete loss who said that, because it was never given in the text.

Probably because she (Claire) stole it from pop culture. That's why her "witty" crap never fits--it's always stolen from someone else. It's as if she finds great "gems" and then tries to find a place where she can put them.