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Till Laugh

hmsbackstroker in twilight_sucks

First she invades my music...

I should just hole myself up in solitary confinement or something. This woman is EVERYWHERE. I just bought the third book in the Immortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, City of Glass. And what's on the front of it? A QUOTE FROM SMEYER. A stupid one at that.

She says:
"The Mortal Instruments series is a story I would love to live in. Beautiful!"


And it gets worse.

The New York Post, February 7, 2009

"Like “Twilight,” vampires and werewolves populate The Mortal Instruments’s fantasy world, but the trilogy - which wraps up with the March 24 release of “City of Glass” - is chiefly concerned with more heavenly matters: the nephilim, humans with angel blood in their veins. The series follows 15-year-old Brooklyn girl Clary Fray’s whirlwind introduction to the world of Shadowhunters, nephilim warriors who protect oblivious humans from dangers presented by vamps, werewolves and other kinds of baddies. If you thought that human Bella and vampire Edward’s relationship was fraught with issues, imagine how much more traumatic it is for Clary to find out that the guy she’s in love with might just be..."

Has anyone else ever read this series? It's FABULOUS and kicks the crap out of Twilight. It makes me SO upset to see it being compared to Twilight.


Really? I thought it was pretty awful.

Tell you the truth, I'm not surprised SMeyer liked it. She and CClaire should get together for some mutual ego stroking and crappy writing.
Well, you don't like Placebo either, so pbbbbth.
I refuse to support that plageriser. Even if I did, I tried reading the book and I was reminded too much of her Harry Potter fanfic "masterpiece"
The reason you were heavily reminded is because she lifted parts of her fanfiction: http://www.fanhistory.com/wiki/Mortal_Instruments#Professionally_Published_Novel
It makes perfect sense that Meyer would like that series, as it is also plagiarized or "heavily inspired by other works". C. C. started in the Harry Potter fanfiction world and was found to be stealing lines from movies, books, and television shows within her fanfiction. There were also several fiascoes with fund raising for various things. Her work ended up being taken down fanfiction.net due to all the controversy.

No offense to your own personal taste, of course, but I bought the first one without looking at the name, and did not find it to be well written at all-realizing that this was C.C. made me upset that I had helped to financially support someone like that. Calling non-magic/powerful humans "Mundies"? Very close to calling them "Muggles". In fact, if I remember correctly, she then plagiarized from her own fanfiction to write that book.

There are links to this information if you look around, but here are three very good ones:



As a writer who tries quite hard and who credits when I, say quote or paraphrase another author within my work (ex: a mysterious character who quotes T.S. Eliot's 'The Love Song for J. Alfred Prufrock' may very well be somewhat prophetic throughout the rest of the story, but go unheard, and is a balance for another character who really loves Romantic poets), realizing that she had her work professionally published was quite maddening.
Oh hi! Fancy seeing you here. :D

Anyway, I agree with everything you've said. When I found out that someone like her actually managed to get published (and that people are actually spending money on her books) I didn't know how to react. And it seems like nobody cares about what she's done, with the exception of a few rare people.

I haven't even read this series of hers just because I refuse to acknowledge and/or spend money on it.

But no offense to the OP or anything, not at all.
I hate SMeyer. She's a plauge.
*sighs* Eh, sounds too much like Twilight for me.
Honestly, it isn't. The romance is a part of the story, but not the whole story. Also, the werewolves and vampires aren't the only characters Clary and Jace interact with--although one of the main characters is a vampire, but only from the middle of the second book onwards--and he's not just a pretty boy with uber-special skills. Nor is the main character, Clary, helpless--although she's been given almost no Shadowhunter training, she uses her other skills to save the day. She's not strong, she's not got training, she's not got weapons--but she stops the destruction of the Shadowhunters. Has Bella EVER done anything like that? No. MI is actually a really good series--CC did copy from her fanfics, but hey, they are her fanfics. Which then leads to the whole thing about the Draco Trilogy fiasco--but you know what? I like the MI books, and I'm not gonna let that get in my way :)
I recently got ahold of the M.I triology. I'm only a little more than halfway through the first one, so anything I say here is just my reaction of it so far.

In my opinion, while it's not the best series in the world--C.C overkills similes (some of which make no sense), tells instead of shows way too much, has a few too many OOC moments, and some chapters that derail too much from the actual plot--it's still better than SMeyer.

And yeah, I saw that quote on the third cover. Whether it's a sign the last book is bad or not, I'll have to wait and see.

[[...Guilty pleasure, but Magnus Bane is pretty cool. Alec, too. <:3]]
Yeah, Magnus Bane is pretty much the entire reason as to why I like the series.
Not a huge Mortal Instruments fan... =/
Oh, my gosh! I noticed that too. I bought the book on Tuesday and I was like, "DAMMIT WHAT DID THEY PUT HER NAME ON THERE FOR?" Bella and Edward have NOTHING on Jace and Clary. Jace and Clary, for instance, actually have CHARACTER. And the vampires and werewolves aren't the main focus of the story, either. Nor is Jace a stalker. Nor does Clary go totally catatonic when she finds out Jace is her brother and can't be with her.
I've checked out the first Mortal Instrutments book from the library only to lose interest after twenty pages due to the author's lack of writing ability. Instead I read through both Graceling and Eon:Dragoneye Reborn, both incredibly well written fantasy novels as opposed to Twilight and the Mortal Instrument books. That quote from Stephenie Meyers is one of the worst endorsements by any author then again some of Shannon Hale's books have become defiled by her endorsements as well. Hopefully newer editions of one of my favorite novels "Jane Eyre," will not be tainted with the words of Stephenie Meyers.

"Jane's as plain as Bella :D" (Stephenie Meyers)
Kicking the crap out of Twilight is kind of like beating up a quadriplegic; not much of an accomplishment. MI is fun, but that's mostly because it's got lots of my favorite shiny things in it, unlike Twilight, which has none of my favorite shiny things. (Ooo, incest...)

Speaking of which, the Star Wars comparisons *are* stupid. Lucas ripped off everyone else all over the place, to the point where it's near impossible not to seem derivative of him.

However, what with the plagiarism debacle, I don't feel like I can really relax and enjoy MI. It's sad that someone who's become a Big Name does this, because it just suggests to everyone else that crud writing and cheating is not only how to win fans, but also woo critics and publishers, and hence money.

Remind me why I bother trying to write well?
I read some of her fanfiction back in the day and really she was never that good.
Mediocre at best and though some view her constant uses of pop culture references as awwwright you have to remember: they were CONSTANT.

She can't write dialogue in any way that differentiates on character from another. Speech patterns are important in a novel! If everyone speaks exactly the same was you can't tell who is talking >_>;;; But she, being she, does not work on this. Instead she 'borrows' dialogue from other sources which makes it worse in some cases >_o

Then there are the ACTUAL issue of plagiarism. She plagiarized a whole passage in one fic without giving credit and it's already been proven some of THAT VERY FIC has made it into the MI series. I am not trusting this one, especially as she never apologized for the plagiarism in the first place.

And I have a bit to say to Isaacsapphire:

Plagiarism of plagiarism is still plagiarism. Period.

Cassie did some good stuff early on, like Something To Get Upset About, but she and SM are BOTH plagiarists, no doubt in my mind. FAP even pulled Cassie's stuff, and if SM didn't actually copy ideas from Night World, I'll be shocked.

Plus Cassie is responsible for the non-canon, leather pants wearing, misunderstood Draco, which many parts of the fandom now accept as more real than canon Draco, and I can't forgive her for that.