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Persephone, Asha, Hecate

brightlotusmoon in twilight_sucks

Another snarky MSN article

On the heels of someone else's post about MSN's Twilight snark:


Have I mentioned how awesome this author is?

(Fangirls threatened to burn down her house! Good gods!)


How come I'm not surprised by those idiot twitards???
I've stopped being surprised; these people may be capable of anything.
On that note, this comic reminds me so much of rabid Twilight fangirls that it's scary.
Anyone think it's funny that the character descriptions she gave were about 80% about looks?
I do. :)
Ugh, twilight fangirls piss me off more than anything i've even seen. Of course to them, Edward Cullen is worth a REAL person's posessions and life...