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Mac and Bloo

tiffnewi in twilight_sucks

You do know even SMeyer thought it was dumb right??

This is my first time posting here, mainly because I really feel this story needs to be told. First a little background, so that this story makes a bit more sense.
I work in a lab at a hospital. My job is lab assistant so I basically do a little bit of everything, but a big part of my job is entering in all the results from tests that we can't do in-house and have to send to other places. One such test we send out is a newborn screen. Once a baby born at our hospital is 24 hours old we go up and draw blood from them, then it gets sent to a genetics lab which does a generic screen to let parents know early on if their child may have a serious medical condition. Because the babies are so young when we send out their blood work most of them haven't had their legal names approved yet, so we send out the tests under their mom's last name, then boy/girl mom's first name. When the results come in a week or so later whoever enters in the numbers also makes sure the baby's new legal name is on the documents. This is what I spend most of my morning doing.

Now, normally I barely register what the names actually are because after seeing one million different spellings of Jessica (Jessycaugh was by far the WORST) and other designer names for kids you start to loose faith in humanity. But about a week or so ago I got one that made my brain literally cease all function...*drum roll please* Renesmee Bella was this little girl's new first name. Now, I also get to see the first letter of the middle name and if I so choose I can go find what the middle name actually is. This particular name had the first letter S. Which I automatically decided stood for "sucks"...because really...it was all I could do to help keep my sanity. But no, this poor child's name was Renesmee Bella STEPHENIE....and that's when I think I blacked out for a little bit. Kid's mom? Like 15. And from what I found out from the doctor she hooked up with some guy based on his name (Edward) and orginally was going to give the kid up for adoption. Like, had these people paying all her bills because they were going to get the baby. Then, in August she suddenly decides having a baby WOULD be cool after all (a cookie for anyone who can figure out the twitard significance of that).

I haven't reported the newborn screens since. I might be damaged...but I can only imagine how hard life is gonna be for the little girl.


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Few things about this one... I have one of those oddly spelt names... but thank god it's not something like Jessycaugh.... seriously... WTF?

Oh my god you have witnessed something that I totally feared would happen. Teenage girls living out their lives based off of what they read? I mean, come on! Here we have a teenage girl who got it on because a guy was named Edward, she got pregnant, then she was going to give it up for adoption, but after reading Breaking Dawn decided to keep the kid... then names the poor little girl after two characters from Twilight and the god-awful author...
Weird names are getting so common that they just aren't weird anymore. =/ There are a couple of kids in my hometown named Bucket and Spyder.

And as for mecchayumyum's second bit - I agree completely. This post just left me speechless. I can't fathom how someone could be so impressionable (even as a young teen) to do something that stupid.
oh my god.

i don't think there's anything i can say after that.
...is speechless
now im a twilight fan myself and now having just come across this i think it is a bit too much i mean this is just insane the poor girl is 2 now and twilight saga is still in full effect with breaking dawn being released next year. i can only hope for the poor little girl that she likes twilight as much as her mother, some people now a days ..... West London Locksmiths
That poor STUPID girl...
That poor little baby! D:

You know, in about 20 years or so, all these kids named after Twilight characters should have a support group meeting.
Shame on that kid's mom. Shame. That's pure stupidity, right there.
where are the moms parents???
Posting pictures of Nessie on the twimom's page?
What the hell?? I didn't think it was possible! NO!

I'd probably be in the same position as you and have my brain fall in to a short circuit if I see that on the screen.

I've seen weird names before. There was that one article that had parents from New Zeland or Australia (I think it's one or the other) naming their kids like "Satan", "Talua does the hula" but...wow.
OMG, I read that article! There was "Bus Stop Number 7" or something like that too. And, it wasn't just "Talula Does the Hula," but "Talula Does the Hula in [some Hawaiian island/town here -- I forgot which :/]. But, seriously, the judge who denied those names had the right idea...

As to this particular post...HOLY SHIT. As I was reading it, I was hoping that it wasn't some grown woman who'd named her child Renesmee, so I was (slightly) relieved to see that it was a teenage girl who did so. BUT, I don't know which is worse, actually -- a woman who has been so, completely, taken in by Twilight that she named her kid after one of the characters, or a teenager with no apparent ability for rational thinking. Just awful, ugh.
. . .

This picture only describes a fraction of my terror.
Likewise with my icon.
Oh dear. D:

Poor baby. I can only imagine her horror when she finds out she was named after a crappy character.
Icon love <3
UGH...just....ugh. Dx

That poor, poor child. Seriously, what in the hell.

It honestly makes me sad to think that it is people like this 15 year old that are going to help run our society. *shakes head*
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