November 15th, 2009

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I hazz proof...

So I have legit proof now that only dumbass illiterate older women and their stupid daughters read Twilight (okay maybe not, but you know what I mean XD).

So I'm on youtube and because I love getting into arguments with Twihards (because no matter what, antis are always right and there's just no way to justify Twishite), I comment someone on a video of Smeyer (it's some interview). Here's the comment I replied to and what I wrote and the subsequent replies I received.

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I await eagerly to see if she'll actually reply back.
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Can't deal with fame: Robert Pattinson to quit acting

Robert Pattinson talks a lot of crap. You know, stuff like how he can't get girls... so when he told a New Moon promo party that he probably won't be acting for long, we wonder how many eyes rolled in the audience.
"Fame's such a novelty to me still," he said.

"If I'm still stuck in hotel rooms in ten years and I haven't figured out any other way to deal with it other than hiding, it probably would annoy me a little bit.

"I guess I'll see what it's like in the next two or three years."

He said the things he missed most about his normal life are driving and open-mic nights - where Twihards will be flocking in thousands if R-Pattz hangs up his acting cap.


Any thoughts on the matter?


i was looking at the fun little magazines in the newspaper and when I was looking through the Toys R Us one my happiness was obliterated when I saw THIS.

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Thankfully the little box on the girl says "T-shirt and bag not available in Puerto Rico." So that's good, but the dolls and the board games just kill me inside. I officially want to die, first they took Oprah and now they took Toys R Us. NOTHING IS SAFE. *hides under rock*
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What if...(Changes to "Twilight")

What if Bella had Edward woo her over, only to discover he isn't who he is said to be?

What if Edward was corrupt, and planned a scheme to gather a group of underground vampires to unleash chaos through the town of Forks and beyond?

What if Bella, Mike, and Jessica had to team up to stop them?

Yeah. This post is random, and the ideas are cliche, but it would have been better than the crap Meyer spewed out.

Cause, you know, at least people would die. Or have character development.

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Anti-Twilight Trim

I was at the salon getting a haircut when the lady started asking me about Twilight. I didn't want to sound mean or anything (some Twitards get so damn offended), so I just said I didn't like it. She threw her hands up in the air and said "Sweet Jesus, I found a sane person!" Apparently a lot of her female clients chatter about the undead sparklepires.

And then I went across the street to Barnes & Noble and was immediately bombarded with Twilight calenders, lunch boxes, action figures, the movie, soundtracks, chess boards and last but not least, the books. Damn, so close...
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Turning Point

I'm just curious.

Most people on here, I'm thinking, have actually read the Twilight books. So what was your turning point?

For me, up until 'Breaking Dawn' and the birth of the horridness that is Renesme I was lukewarm towards the books. They weren't great, the characters I wanted to kill (though I did like Jacob, but then she ruined him with Renesme). I didn't love them, I read them because I work in a bookstore and everyone and their mother kept asking me about them and several friends who's opinions I used to trust on these matters told me I would love them. That since I loved Mr.Darcy I would fall completely in love with Edward. I never loved Edward, he and Bella deserve each other as far as I can tell. Bleagh. I thought they were as well written as some of the stupider romance novels I have read. Kleenex books I call them, use them once throw them away and forget them. Not the case for so many people and Twilight.

So what point in the books made you go okay, wtf is wrong with everyone else?
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I was reading bits of Eclipse cus the back stories of a vampires kinda interest me and cus anything Meyer writes is a LUL...Anyway, what pisses me off a bit is that James is described as Victoria's mate...Whereas the other vampires, namely the Cullens have husbands and wives and girlfriends. I get that its probably an attempt [whether deliberate or not] at making them seem more animalistic, but it just annoys me how oh so fucking perfect they are, how they are so above everyone else because they are being abstinent :|

Are there any other small details like that, which piss any of you guys off?

Also, doesn't the synopsis make Eclipse actually seem like it has a plot over the other books? I think if it had been the first and only book Smeyer had written I'd have given it a go and maybe wouldn't hate her so much.
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