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darth_gojira in twilight_sucks

Heirs of Twilight: terrible teen books

A discussion question: Will there be another Twilight in the future?  That is, a franchise this horrible will produce spinoffs?

We've already got some terrible stuff already in the past few years;

The Host-book and film bombed
City of Bones-Again, bombed
Beautiful creatures-again bombed

On the other hand, they were more direct spinoffs of Twilight or had Twilight's influence (the Host was by Meyer herself, and City of Bones was by a fan of hers)

The biggest Young Adult thing now is the Hunger Games, which, while I consider it a complete bore and quite terrible in its own right, doesn't have quite the impact or the sheer awfulness of Twilight

My question is, while that the Twilight series has been successful despite being hated by everyone with a brain, can this happen again? I know terrible books have had big followings like Gone With the Wind or Wuthering Heights and such, but I wouldn't call it the same phenomenon.

I guess what I'm asking is whether Twilight is just another a bad franchise and part of a larger cultural pattern (which would predict that this will continue to happen while the cultural paradigm exists), or if it was something especially unique, and if the latter is true,  can it happen again?


Hi. Have you heard of Fifty Shades of Grey?
I was thinking the exact same thing. I guess the reason it was left out of the discussion is because it's not Young Adult.
Of course it can.It's not even a new phenomenon.There are Victorian authors who were superstars in their day we never hear about now,like Ouida and Marie Corelli who's books are pretty frightful.Dan Brown happened remember and how he won the case against the writers of Holy Blood and the Holy Grail I have no idea.
The lowest common denominator always has a market.
"There are Victorian authors who were superstars in their day"

Yes, this exactly.
It has happened before and will happen again. Meh.
I.. I still can't believe that exists.

Tragically beautiful.
I just think this is a bad franchise part of a pattern. I personally think that the main reason this is so popular is because most of the women/girls that read this book want this excitement and can relate to Bella who is practically a-self-insert. Like, all girls want to fall for someone dangerous, gorgeous and have a forbidden love type thing. Many of the books you said are similar are just the same, even though I like a few of them. For example Dangerous Creatures and The Mortal Instruemnts have the same forbidden love type thing where a normal person who could be anyone falls into a supernatural world with a gorgeous girl/boy. Admittedly, I acually like these books and the plots are much better with more quirky, three-dimensional characters but the main thing is the same. Hell, even Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice have a smilie forbidden love.
Twilight is nothing new, just the same pattern that tops up every where, even in classics and beloved stories.

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