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Op Tech Glitch #2

op_tech_glitch in twilight_sucks

What, you mean by someone else??

'Twilight' named worst movie of all time

(Bonus points for this coming from the MST3K and Rifftrax guys.)


In a decade full of awful books, films, and franchises, it's fascinating that Twilight is still the worst. I'm sure that as this decade develops, Twilight will remain the definition for pure suckage.

Twilight has ruined vampires and werewolves

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Hmmm...I wouldn't have said Twilight is the worst movie I've ever heard of. Sure, it would easily make it into anyone's Top 5 in their list of bad movies, but I don't know, I found it more boring than outright awful.

But, in terms of rampant misogyny, the abysmal plot, terrible writing, vapid, wooden characters, and SMeyer's squicktastic ideas of "romance", yeah I'd say the Twilight series is definitely a solid contender for the most horrific book/movie ever spawned.