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The Nightmare Before Christmas

lilithdarkstorm in twilight_sucks

Obsessive Twilight Fan to marry cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen

A little eye-rolling story in the morning paper as I go into work...

"She's booked the minister, flowers and cake and there will be 50 guests attending.
She bought her groom for £15 from a record shop in November 2010 and they've hardly spent a day apart. 'It's a beautiful, escapist fantasy, and I'm living it,' she said. 'I've also got the invitations sorted, and even have a beach honeymoon planned for me and my vampire hubby.

'I'm going through all the steps a normal bride does. It's absolutely real.' Sadly, she had to forgo a formal proposal from her inflexible lover played by Robert Pattinson. 'I didn't ask him to marry me out loud, I didn't have to,' said the art student. 'And I knew by his silence he'd said yes. Of course he'd say "yes".' News of the £2,000 wedding has spread in her home town of Memphis, Tennessee. 'My friends and family think I'm bonkers,' she said. 'A few of my ex-boyfriends found out and they're surprised I'm taking things this far, but they've always known I'm a massive romantic.'

The wedding will be at the Viva Las Vegas chapel on January 26."



This is just ... bizarre. I can't believe so many people are supporting her delusion. Or maybe they're planning to turn it into a massive intervention. I can't even laugh; I just feel *bad* for her.
'My friends and family think I'm bonkers,' You don't say.On the bright side ,the cut out will be a better husband than Edward.
As someone who has a hobby involving posing action figures and giving them dialogue, I can say that even I am dumbfounded by this. Also, won't the water ruin the cutout?
This is legal, yet gay marriage isn't in most of the USA?

... I've no words.

If it's a Vegas wedding, will they be married by Elvis?
Just when things can't get any dumber...Seriously, that is just stupid.

"Of course he'll say yes! He's my Edward!" Yep. He sure is.