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Wet!Tom 2, wet shirt, Soaked!Tom, Tom Ice Bucket challenge

agentbethbonsai in twilight_sucks

I just don't know what to say about this...

I can't...I don't...THAT'S a dress!?!


No, it's just woman's underwear covered with my mama's curtain, yes, she steals my mama's curtain...... ==
I was about to say. It looks like a see through night gown.
I was gonna suggest gunny sack, but that description works too.
My best friend described it this way:

"Gone with the Wind, she AIN'T."
Or even the Carol Burnett rendition: "I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist it....."

I felt Daily Grace said it best: She looks like a mannequin from the JC Penney's lingerie area.

I don't know what she's trying to go for (have you seen the black outfit she wore to the next premiere?!) but...eesh.
....It gets WORSE from this...this travesty of an outfit?!

Oh yes. It does.

She looks scary skinny in the last photo and uh, I'm not sure what to say about this dress.
I actually don't mind the dress all that much. I just hate that she's supposed to be this big non conformist and then goes out in a dress a big designer has supplied her with...:| Also, is that a smile?! HOLY SHIT :p
*echos* What's that smile? HOLY SHIT:P
I like the cut and the color of the dress, the overall design isn't bad. It's just the whole see-through part is extremely tacky looking and ruins what would otherwise be a nice dress. I mean seriously, I can see your panties and it's very unattractive.

Also the ivory color doesn't go well with KStew's coloring and complexion, makes her look too washed out.
I don't have as much of a problem with the dress (although that is one sickly color). It's just that she looks....uncanny? artificial? undead? What do you call that look?
Who spilt the coffee on her?
I don't want to see her panties, neither!
I feel like somebody tried to make her a dress, then said "Screw this, it's just for KStew. Who cares? Not me!"

Also, she looks really unnatural. She's doing something weird with her right hand, and there's that really weird look on her face... I can't quite decide if she's going for a smile or that "Oh god, chocolate!!!" orgasmic look...
I like it....i'd never wear i outside the bedroom though. On her it looks bad. Too much pale.
Oh the lingerie is gorgeous! It's just not practical for the setting, at all.