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Twilight: The Cult

So, I think we can all agree that there is this cult among the Twi-fandom. I apologize if this particular subject has been posted and dissected before.

The people who make up prayers to Edward Cullen, the ones who basically worship the whole God-damn series and Meyer herself. Some may be joking, but I am convinced that there is a sizable portion who takes worship of the series pretty seriously. Now, I'm not knowledgable of the Mormon church and their beliefs, etc...but I am aware that Meyer is a fairly strict Mormon. Is anyone in her church concerned that she has basically spawned a cult? Does anyone in her church care that there are people who turn prayers to God into prayers to Edward and Meyer? Is anyone in her church aware of Cullenism? And do they care, would they care? Because it's pretty fucked up, even to me, and I don't consider myself the most strict of Christians. I'm pretty much a pagan by most standards, and even this disturbs me. Mostly because it is so completely retarded, they are praying to a fucking sparkling vampire and the most terrible hack writer in existance.

I'm not trying to start a debate about religion or offend anyone of the Mormon faith. However, I feel as if the kind of stuff that is starting to come out of the cult of Twilight would be something that the Mormon church wouldn't condone, especially since one of their own members started it.

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