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This is me, keeping you posted

So, like I said me discovering the baby named a bad, bad thing happened about two weeks ago (because me and actually posting things on LJ, it isn't frequent or punctual). And since the baby was a little over a week old when I saw it, the two families has been dealing with this for a while now (like a month-ish?). Well, there are results (and yes I did go harrass the doctor today to get them, mainly prompted by the fact that many of you wanted to know and it got me curious too). Not to mention today was the first non-insane day at our lab in a while, so I had the time. I guess twifan came to her senses. Also? The girl's mom wasn't as dumb as we thought, just trying an interesting parenting angle. She knew the kid couldn't handle a baby, so she let her figure it out herself. She also told the girl she would have to pay the people back for all the bills because they were going to take her to court. Whether or not they would have actually won if they did so is beyond me. I do assure you that my hospital is not cheap and that bill had to have more zeroes than a 15 yo that is unemployed has ever seen.
I think this thing was solved a lot faster than I thought, because when I went to the doctor and asked if she was going to keep me posted on this ordeal she was like, "Oh, yeah...do you want me to tell you now?" And I was like, wait, what? Doc was surprised I didn't check back sooner, then she laughed at my attempt to pretend it didn't exist. Then she told me what I just told you. Also, because the baby's last name had to be changed to the adoptive parent's name, they could also fix her first name. Lily Ann(e). Doc said she could give me a ton more info and update me on every bit of the drama if I wanted, but I was too pumped by the summary. I wanted to post it right then and there, but I'm lucky my job doesn't have LJ blocked under the social network BS it has, so I didn't want to push it (I'm sure reading it constantly at work is bad enough...)

So, there you have it, a happy ending (and you didn't have to wait a week like I did,lucky ducks!).


I knew the universe wouldn't allow this monstrous concept to live for long.
Thank God.
I'm happy for that baby girl, and now for that 15 year old, so hopefully things turn out well for them.
Was directed to the original post. Was shocked and horrified.
Am delighted to see a happy ending for the poor little kid.

Now would you please mind directing me? I went back a couple weeks and couldn't find the original. I'm curious!
Thank you!
Thank god. Now that little girl would have a good future

I like the way the teenage girl's mother wanted her daughter to think about the situation. I'm sure the mother wanted her daughter to realize the weight of her actions. And I'm happy that this was resolved so early. Ah! I love happy endings.
Lily Ann is much lovelier than "Renesmee." Now that fortunate girl doesn't have to be mocked when she's older.
Well, unless she turns out to be fat, or wear glasses, or have a funny hair color or any one of several dozen excuses kids use to torment each other.
Well, I know the world is cruel and sick in many ways. Until then, it's better she isn't named after a character from a horrible teen girl's book. She didn't do anything to deserve that, she was just born! Thankfully her mother won't pass on the bad influence gained by the books-dear god.
There is justice in the universe! I honestly keep thinking about that poor baby and the horrible name she was going to be stuck with- not to mention her immature mother raising her.

I'm glad the mother's parents intervened and the baby will have a chance to grow up in a good home...err not saying teen mother's are bad or anything, but if this girl wanted to name her baby after characters in Twilight then you had to know there was going to be trouble in that baby's future.
I was wondering about those parents. I think it's great she made her realize the consequence of her choice. And yay for no crappy names!

I was going to put it last time, but it slipped my mind. My friend's jr high daughter had to do the electronic baby and named her's Reness-whatever and her mother was so horrified. XD
PRAISE THE LORD. I hope that baby has a nice, normal life with her parents.
icon love! Sorry, off topic I know, but I couldn't resist.
LOL yeah isn't it purrty?
Must resist temptation of writing about the lovechild of Bellatrix and Voldemort.
That would make an AWESOME fanfic. He would be mecha-evil and heavily-lidded.
Oh, that's a relief. I'm so glad that it worked out well for everyone. And I hope that fifteen year old learned her lesson. Hmph.
YAY! ^.^

I can't help but wonder if the 15 year old's perspective of the Twilight series has changed, especially Breaking Dawn.
It's a sign that there is a higher power!
Ah yes, I love it when things just work ou like that. <3

Thank you, Universe.
There IS a God. *prays a silent prayer of thanks*
Well, that'll be an interesting story for the baby to hear when she gets older...
Thank God. Really.

I may sound mean by saying this, but serves that TwiTard right.

Anywho, I'm happy for the baby and the parents because she won't have to live with the mistake her TwiTard mom made (and hopefully she'll steer away from the disease).

... until baby #2.

Yeah, there's that. For now, at least we can...somewhat relax.

To paraphrase a few, there is a higher power after all!

Karma at work. The universe (as we puny humans perceive it) is right again.

And 'Lily Ann' is such a lovely name. Best of luck for this kid's future.
Lily Ann is nice, and far more classy than Reneesme. But I don't think Isabella is a bad name, if that was what her name was. But best of luck to that girl, and her mother. Hopefully she'll become a person of substance who realizes how foolish it was to base major life decisions on a crappy teen novel.
Ohmigosh. I'm so glad that the little girl had a happy ending. Imagine, if she had that neame...
That's a relief.

Just wondering, but is it legal for you to take this information and post it online, sharing it with a number of people for non-medical reasons?

I was wondering the same thing.

Thank goodness

It's perfectly fine for this story to be shared - people need to see how this kind of stuff happens (teen mothers not ready for motherhood treating it all like a big joke, even at the expense of others no less).
And most importantly, to learn from it. Before other fangirls make the same mistake, for crying out loud...

I mean, I'm pretty sure there have been plenty of Twilight fangirls around this girl's age who've considered naming their kids after characters... but seriously, if you absolutely HAVE to name someone after a book character, do it to your PETS, not your children for cry sake! There isn't a problem with giving the name Renesmee to your pet cat or something. Since it's an obvious homage to a famous series (and not even a real name), it'd be perfect for a pet - seriously, you can give your pet the most pretentious, ludicrous name you can think of and it'd be okay. It's not like they're going to SUFFER from it, but a human child on the other hand...

Pretentious names become a real problem when they're given to HUMAN BEINGS, who are going to go to school, and work, and introduce themselves to different people and pretty much have to tell people their name to survive in the world. That said, you really wouldn't want to have a name that says plainly "My mother was a Twilight fangirl who had me too young to realise that it was a stupid idea to give me this name". Seriously, to say "My name is Renesmee" is to say just that. Having the middle names "Bella" and "Stephenie" only makes it worse - because then you can't even put it down to very bizarre coincidence. Renesmee Bella Stephenie could ONLY have been given by a Twilight fangirl.

It's just such a relief that the adoptive parents got the baby in the end, and gave her a name that I'm sure we all agree she at least won't suffer from having. Personally, I love the name Lily Anne. Very classy :)

Thank you very much for posting this story! I'm sure many who read about this will at least think twice before they do what this girl was doing. We can only hope that she learned from this experience.